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1. God At Work In Silence - April 2020
mind and soul, Christian Life, Prayer; Contemplation; Silence
Allowing ourselves 10 minutes of intentional silence within the frame of God's love, can be a great source of renewal and refreshment, when we can become aware of the presence of God and to be present with God, the ground of all love and mercy. (MM)

2. Listen, Love and Journey - March 2020
Christian life, Jesus/Relationship with Jesus, Evangelization; Journey of faith
As an evangelizing community, we need to seek out and embrace those who are searching, who now think their Church can no longer offer them anything meaningful and important, by getting involved and journeying with them. This is our task, our mission. (MM)

3. To Love Is To Encounter - February 2020
Love, Mission, Personal faith development
God calls us each by name, and longs for us to be His hands and feet. He invites us to listen to the voice of His Spirit speaking in our hearts and be empowered to go out, carrying the Presence of Jesus – sharing His love. (MM)

4. Advent 2019 - December 2019
Justice & Peace, Hope; faith; joy, Season of Creation
Advent reminds us that Jesus entered the earth as a helpless unborn and promised to return in glory. (MM)

5. Push Re-set On Your Day - November 2019
Christian Life, Fullness of Life, Refreshment for the body, mind and soul
What are we lacking at the moment or need to push a re-set button on? When life becomes complex and cluttered, it is good have practical re-sets to help us become more open to God and to one another. (MM)

6. Bridging the Age Divide With Joy - October 2019
Global family, Identity, Hope; faith; joy
Penelope's sharing on her attendance at a Marist Laity conference in Ireland, encourages and inspires, as we hear how her Marist identity and belonging enhanced her experience. And although there may be uncertainty and/or a period of upheaval in the church, there is also great hope. (MM)

7. The Loneliness of Mary - September 2019
Faith, Women, Prayer; Hope
Our hearts are always longing for the One wo can fill us - when we experience loneliness we can look to the example of Mary who, despite all difficulties, keeps hold of God's hand. The exultant song "Magnificat," shows she was confident God was with her and her people. (MM)

8. Jean Vanier - Arms Wide Open - August 2019
Community, Virtues, Feeding the hungry
Jean Vanier - founder of the L'Arche communities, was a spiritual giant who longed to help people know and live with Jesus. This month we read how he did this - through encounters with the poorest and weakest in society, particularly those with mental illness. (MM)

9. Lectio Divina - Bible Month - July 2019
The Bible, Holy Spirit, Reading; Meditation; Prayer; Contemplation
The Church has a long spiritual practice of reading Scripture slowly in a way that allows us to listen to a word or phrase that seems to ‘speak’. It is a personal way of listening to the Holy Spirit, and becoming spiritually attentive to the Word touching us inwardly. (MM)

10. Travelling Together - June 2019
Community, Faith, Eucharist, Eternal mystery
Over our lifetime we are invited to keep growing into the fullness of 3-fold conversion - moral, intellectual and heart. On that journey, we are not meant to be alone. There is always more to grow into and we need to keep moving forward together. (MM)

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