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February Marist Laity and Marian Mothers Reflection and News

The first reflection for the year talks about the tiny irritations in life - like little foxes - which can sometimes build up and make us feel quite small, destroying our composure.
With God's grace, we can become attuned to small things in life that can be easily missed - be more aware of hurting humanity, and how we can provide a word or a touch to those who need our understanding.

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Issue 6: October 2018

Read the latest news and work of Marist Laity around the world and keep up to date with plans moving forward including the Ireland Gathering in 2019 HERE

Your Invitation to Explore

To be Marist is to want to encounter Jesus, to love, serve and follow him in Marys way and to share his love with others. We encourage the spiritual growth of families, lay groups and individuals wishing to grow in their Christian journey. Mary wants to gather everyone into Gods family and all are welcome.

Living The Word
Marist Sunday Scripture Reflections

These Reflections by Fr Frank Bird SM or Bev McDonald,(Marist Laity) on each Sundays Mass readings help us grow in Living the Word. You can sign up to receive them HERE They are ideal for either individuals or groups and can be used equally well before or after each Sunday. Check it out and share it in your parish. While targeted to younger adults it is ideal for all age groups. Marist Laity has accepted responsibility for ensuring this scripture resource continues to be available. Let's stay in the Word and Live the Word as Mary did.

Or those who want to consecrate a new born to the care of Our Mother Mary.

Our Lay Calling
That Laity may fulfill their specific mission, by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today.

Father Jean Claude Colin, Founder; Pray for Us.
Fr Colin's spiritual and practical legacy was immense.

"Keep well in mind that you must direct your house by prayer. That is very important. Everything by prayer...When something new comes along, something to be said or done, pray to the blessed Virgin." FS.39:19,20,

Here is a YouTube video of excerpts of final mass in Rome for the end of the Colin Year.

We ask Fr Colin to pray that religious and Lay men and women will again catch the vision to be instruments of Gods mercy in Mary's name. May we work to build a Marian church of mercy for the greater glory of God and the honour of his mother and we pray for the full flowering of Fr Colin's vision for Laity. Jean Claude Colin website
A site has been created to give information about Fr Colin, provide weekly extracts of his words for reflection and promote his Cause.

Check it out!

Today is a time of great change

The conditions that apply to doing Mary's work are not conditions set by Marist's but by Mary herself. It is work done on her terms.

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