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Information without Application equals Fascination

Information WITH Application equals TRANSFORMATION.

For Sunday Mass Readings by Fr Frank Bird SM and Bev McDonald Marist Laity NZ go to:

Dive Deeper into the Word
The Daily Readings, Short Reflections and Much More

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Justice, Peace and Care of our Environment Marist Ministry Blog
Check out this great weekly blog

The Marist Fathers are offering a weekly reflection by weblog as a response to the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si.
Links to it can be found on our Facebook page also. There are articles from NZ Marists, and Marists around the globe.

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A Certain Way

A guide to living Marist Spirituality complied by Fr. Craig Larkin sm. Easy and inspiring reading, it is based on Marist Constitutions and other writings.

Marist Spirituality

Site set up by the priests of the Society of Mary with articles, blogs and discussions on Marist Spirituality

A Basic Guide for Lay Marists

The official world wide handbook for Lay Marists, available on line on the Australian Lay Marist site.

Logos Marist Youth Development

Click here to go to this innovative and deeply Marist project and their community of Nga Tupu.

Beatification cause for J-C Colin

The cause for the beatification of the Marist founder, Jean-Claude Colin, has been reintroduced.

Prayer cards, high resolution image of the icon and much more here

Marist Messenger

A monthly magazine with articles on spirituality, the work of Marists in the Pacific region, and other general interest items. Many of the features (including the daily prayer guide) are available online, or you can subscibe for delivery by mail.

Marist Fathers & Brothers
International Site

For an overview Marist spirituality and news:

Catholic Enquiry Centre - New Zealand

If you have any questions on the Catholic Faith, you can submit them and receive answers by email. You can be anywhere in the world and it doesn't matter if you are a Catholic or not.
Or you can email:

Catechism of the Catholic Church

An interactive guide to the Catechism hosted by a US parish church.

Includes fun ideas like a Catechism quiz with all the answers. You can download it for printing.

There's also a very easy to use question and answer guide

The official US Bishops Version can be accessed online at the USCCB website. Users can bookmark or highlight areas, see footnotes in a "light box" without leaving the original page, and search within the Catechism, including by paragraph number. It is currently available in English only. E-reader versions are available for purchase.

Catholic Church in New Zealand

Information about what is happening in every diocese, all the groups, activities etc.

Catholic Enquiry Centre - Australia

If you are based in Australia, you may prefer your local enquiry centre. You can submit questions and receive answers to any questions on the Catholic Faith by email. -

Catholic News

A web site with a focus specifically on Catholic news or a Catholic angle on general news. It has been set up by Marist priest Fr John Murphy. You can visit the site to have a read or sign up to get regular (2 or 3 times a week) updates.

Challenge 2000
Supporting Youth, Families and the Community

A group based in Wellington, NZ to assist youth and families at risk and also develop leadership and service skills in young Catholics who work at helping them. Their service is broadly based on Marist spirituality.

Faith Central

Visit the chapel for daily prayer, also religious education resources.

Catholic Culture

This is a helpful Catholic 'mega-sites' on the web. Many resouces well presented. -

Marist Young Adult Ministry

MYAM is a ministry of the Marist Brothers Province of New Zealand . Traditionally Marist Brothers have worked among young people in education, but in recent years they have moved into other areas of ministry with young people (see for more information on Marist Brothers).

The Mary Page

Maintained by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio, an international center of research and study on the role of Mary in Christian life. This library has the most resources on Mary in the world - pictures, meditations, information, prayers, and more, plus the opportunity to get questions answered -

- helpful sites to help you pray

Sacred Space Daily prayer with the Jesuits

Gratefulness Our international nonprofit organization provides resources for living in the gentle power of gratefulness, which restores courage, reconciles relationships, and heals our Earth.

Daily prayer downloads for your MP3 player Pray as You Go

The Peace Prayer began to be circulated worldwide in 1981 (the same year that Marian Mothers began).
It is said each day at noon and is promoted by all faiths and denominations.

The Vatican

A site with museums and art, documents etc. -


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