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Women to Women on Faith and Life
September 2017

Hi everyone, I had a wonderful few days in the Wellington area and am grateful for everyone making the time to let me catch up with you. I know I didn't see everyone but those I missed were very much in prayer and will be top of the list next visit. There are more photos at the top of this page.


Congratulations: The Marist Sisters and Brothers are each celebrating their major anniversaries this year and the 12th September event is being organized by the Marist Sisters. They would love to have you join them so please contact Sr Francine (SM) for the details.

General Chapter:

The Society of Mary is meeting for its 8-yearly General Chapter from 20th September until 10th October. Bev is at the Chapter from 1st-4th October. Please pray for them. Bev will be meeting the Pope on your behalf and be assured you will be remembered in prayer.

"I hope to get something blessed for Marian Mothers to travel around the groups."

Listening to Laity:

Listening to Laity: is the latest series of video talks for Marist Youth International and it is on our website home page: Alexandra Yannicopoulos-Boulet is a married woman with a teenage family who live in France. She made her commitment as a Lay Marist here in New Zealand in 2015 and came to the Marian Mothers leaders meeting in Wellington that year, so we are proud to see her so active in her Marist life among us.

Save the Date:
Sunday 15th October in Taradale

Fr Chris Skinner is facilitating the Marist Laity/Marian Mothers Hawkes Bay retreat Sunday 15th October in Taradale. Please let people in that area know.

To view the flyer with more details, click here.
Blessings and prayer, Bev and Vanessa

Please pray for the repose of the souls of:

Father Peter Walsh SM, RIP.
Peter was professed 24 January 1958, Ordained 07 July 1962. He died on 26 July 2017.

Father Kevin O'Donoghue SM, RIP.
He was 91 years old and was professed 11 February 1946 and Ordained 17 December 1950. He died on 31st July 2017.

Warren Carter., husband of Bev McDonald's sister Joan. He was killed in a road accident on 10th August. Bev is grateful for your kindness in sending condolences and prayer for Warren and her sister and family.

Living the Word:

Many of you remember Fr Frank Bird SM. He set up a weekly Scripture Guide for the Sunday readings called "Living the Word". Marist Laity NZ has accepted responsibility for this Resource, freeing Fr Frank for other initiatives.

You can sign up for reflections at

These are ideal for either individuals or groups and can be used equally well before or after each Sunday Mass. Check it out and share it in your parish. While targeted to younger adults it is ideal for all age groups.

Women to Women Marian Mothers

Women to Women Marian Mothers has its own Facebook page. It's a way to introduce people to Marian Mothers and get up to date information and resources. We would love those of you on social media to use it and share what is happening in your groups.

Please send in stories and photos of your groups.
Keep warm in body and spirit, Bev and Vanessa

Photo of your Group

We're always happy to hear from you at any time,

Please consider taking a photo of your group, with or without children.
A photo with a few words about your group is always the best thing to include in our newsletters so they are truly about what is happening for you.

Perhaps you have a group or family event planned for the winter. Please let us know and we can share the idea and it can encourage others.

This photo is an old one from Bryndwr. Please send in yours.


I honour you by trusting you enough to tell you how I feel,
what my deep convictions are,
what I really think.

I do not imply that you should think or feel
like me or agree with me.

I hope you will listen to me and accept me as I am.

Please don't try to solve my problem,
or judge me, or change me.

I would like to experience
acceptance and reverence
when I share something of myself.

Confidentiality is essential.
Each must be aware that what is said in the group
is not discussed or mentioned outside the group.

Beatification of Fr Colin SM

The Cause for the Beatification of Fr Colin SM, Marist Founder, has moved a step closer.

We encourage you to spread devotion and prayer to Fr Colin.

Resources for this and more information can be FOUND HERE

Ongoing prayer is your most important gift but donations also help support this ministry and are tax deductible if you request a receipt.

If you have already done so, thank you.

If not, your group or individuals may be able to contribute.
You could send a cheque to: Marist Lay Movement
or Direct Credit our BNZ Bank Account:
02 0585 0079358 00

We are grateful for all your support.


See what Pope Francis is saying about the importance of celebrations in family life.