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Instruments of Mercy in Daily Life
September 2017

Dear Marists and friends,

Wellington Area Visit:

I had a wonderful few days in the Wellington area and am grateful for everyone making the time to let me catch up with you. I know I didn't see everyone but those I missed were very much in prayer and will be top of the list next visit.

There are more photos at the top of this page.
Blessings and prayer, Bev & Vanessa


The Marist Sisters and Brothers are each celebrating their major anniversaries this year and the 12th September for them will be very special for them.

The Wellington 12 September event is being organized by the Marist Sisters. To join them please contact:

Sr Francine (SM) for the details.

General Chapter:

The Society of Mary holds its 8 yearly General Chapter 2oth September -10th October. Michel Macquet from France and Bev will be at the Chapter from 1st-4th October representing International Laity.

Bev will be meeting the Pope on your behalf and hopes to have something blessed which can travel around the groups.

Save the Date:

The Hawkes Bay retreat for Marist Laity/Marian Mothers will be on Sunday 15th October led by Fr Chris Skinner SM.

For more information, click here

Please pray for the repose of the souls of:

Father Peter Walsh SM, RIP.
Peter was professed 24 January 1958,Ordained 07 July 1962. He died 26 July 2017.

Father Kevin O'Donoghue SM, RIP.
He was 91 years old and was professed 11 February 1946, Ordained 17 December 1950. He died on 31st July 2017.

Warren Carter,
husband of Bev McDonald's sister Joan. He was killed in a road accident on 10th August. Bev is grateful for your kindness in sending condolences and prayer for Warren and her sister and family.

Living the Word:
Living the Word:

Many of you know Fr Frank Bird SM. He set up a weekly Scripture Guide for the Sunday readings called "Living the Word".

Marist Laity NZ has accepted responsibility for this Resource, freeing Fr Frank for other initiatives. You can sign up for reflections at

These are ideal for either individuals or groups and can be used equally well before or after each Sunday Mass. Check it out and share it in your parish. While targeted to younger adults it is ideal for all age groups.

Social Media

There is a good Youtube reflection just added to the Marist Laity Facebook page about discernment, which you may like to share with your young people.

Information without application is fascination.
Information with application is transformation.

Prayers for expectant Mothers

We love the feedback we get from those who requested prayer for expectant mothers – usually when difficulties have been overcome, but also in thanks to Mary for the birth of a baby:

"They had a boy, ... The good things and blessings that occurred at the time were overwhelming."

"A girl was born at 32 weeks ... This baby is a miracle baby ... 'Nothing shall be impossible to God'."

Thank you for your prayers at meetings and at home for these mothers and babies.


Please Pray for the Society of Mary Chapter 2017

The Chapter is an important meeting of Delegates from all the Provinces to discern and decide the direction of the Society of Mary for the next 8 years,
Here are two decisions regarding Laity from the 2009 Chapter.
Paragraph 58
This general administration will engage in a process to enable every Marist to recognize the Marist laity associated with us as integral to the Marist family and so show the Marian face of the Church.
Paragraph 59
To achieve this ... search for and encourage new ways of inviting and forming Lay Marists in communion and collaboration in mission.

The Chapter Prayer can be found here:
Click here to download the document which includes the prayer.

A Prayer composed by St Peter Chanel
A Special prayer that carries weight...

Pope Pius X, on 17th June 1908 granted an indulgence to members of the Association of Mary / Third Order of Mary every time they recite this prayer, composed by St Peter Chanel:

"Through you O Mary, may the name of the Saviour of mankind, be known and adored throughout the whole world." Amen

We can also ask the Lord that these indulgences be applied to the holy souls in purgatory. A mission of mercy!

Music of Fr Chris Skinner SM

While Fr. Chris Skinner is spiritual director for Marist Laity NZ. he also has a renowned music ministry and has happily shared several of his songs on the audio tracks for our monthly reflections which adds something special to them.

His web site has a list of all his albums & prices, with music clips available.

To contact him:
Rev. Chris Skinner sm, PO Box 68627, Newton, Auckland, 1145, New Zealand.

Here is an excellent article on the current relevance of being Marist.

Well worth reading!


This prayer has been issued by the General Administration for use by those who wish to pray to the founder to ask his intercession.

God our Father, in your servant Jean-Claude Colin you gave your people a zealous priest and religious founder dedicated to serving the Church in the spirit of Mary.
We ask you for the glorification of your faithful servant in the midst of your Church and grant us the favour which we ask through his intercession. (…………….)
This we ask through Christ Our Lord.

Icon of Marist Founder completed

The Studio of St John the Baptist, Auckland, NZ, has finished work on an official icon of Marist Founder, Jean-Claude Colin.
The icon features Fr Colin receiving a script from the Blessed Virgin indicating how the congregation he was to found would live 'under Mary's name' ('Sub Mariae Nomine').
The icon will be used on materials to promote the Cause for Beatification of Fr Colin.
For more details and a high definition copy of the image, see the Australian province web site.

Note about icons:
You will see how in the image, Fr Colin is looking at the Blessed Virgin. It is a convention in iconography that only a canonised saint is pictured looking out at the viewer. Other subjects look in towards the one who is in heaven.

Helping Our Work
Prayer is your most important gift, but finances are a fact of life.

If you have already sent us a donation Thank you!
You may wish to consider a collection at your meetings, every bit contributes to the cost of our production and mailing.

If you wish to make an online transfer please include your group name on the transaction and send a covering email to the office.

New Zealand Bank Account Number:
(BNZ) 02-0585-0079358-00

Thank you.

Marist Laity Office Location

Bev's office in Auckland is in a building shared with Logos Marist Ministry for Youth.

Address: 25 Virginia Ave East, Eden Terrace, Auckland.
Please note this is the street address,(where you are welcome to visit) not the postal address.

For all Mail to Bev please send to
P.O. Box 108027, Symonds St Auckland 1150

The phone is shared with Logos
Ph: 09 307 2712

A Certain Way

This wonderful easy to read book containing snippets of Marist history and spirituality, all combined to form a coherent 'whole' is now available to read on the internet. There is a link from our web site (on the 'Links' page) or you can go there directly.
For those who prefer a 'real' book—we still have some copies available of this book - cost $30 each, including NZ postage.(extra for overseas or you could obtain a copy from your local Province of the Society of Mary.)